Community Economic Development Association of Michigan

The Community Economic Development Association of Michigan (CEDAM) is a nonprofit trade association serving the community economic development industry in Michigan. Recently the organization has decided to refresh the design of the documents in the membership materials packet. My role was to redesign the one-pager and the bundle administrator guide.


one pager mock up.jpg

When the Senior Communications Associate came to me with this assignment she requested that I find a way to make the one-pager simpler and more visually appealing.  Part of my design process is identifying what does not work with the original design and why. In the original design for the one-pager, there were a few things that caught my attention:


– CEDAM's style guide includes seven different colors, and the document used all of them


– The document highlights all of the programs that CEDAM offers, with a long paragraph and three bullet points for each program


– the one-pager was filled with information and spilled over onto the back of the document.


I asked the senior communications associate what the purpose of the document was, and she explained that it is for potential members to get a brief understanding of who CEDAM is and what they do, so my immediate goal was to make the document more concise. I proposed that instead of highlight each program and dedicating a paragraph to each one, we shine a light on the core focus areas of the organization and file some of CEDAM's services under those areas.

My second goal was to cut down on the number of colors used in the design. I analyzed the rest of CEDAM's membership documents, and I saw that indigo, cerulean, and orange were used more consistently than the other colors in the style guide, so I chose to use those three colors in the new design.

My last goal was to change up the orientation of the content. In the original design, everything was organized into horizontal columns, and I proposed that we use vertical columns to better suit the quantity of information after we cut it down.

Once I was able to meet these goals, I made some more edits to make the document more appealing. I changed the title from 'Programs and Initiatives' to 'Who We Are & What We Do' I was going for a more inviting angle, and since the document now reflected the mission of the organization and its core focus areas instead of each program, I wanted the titles to reflect that. In addition, I implemented overlapping shapes to give the design more dimension. Lastly, I create a subtle watermark out of the decorative portion of CEDAM's logo that can be used on documents in the future.

CEDAM One Pager.jpg

Bundle Administrator Guide

admin bundle mockup.jpg

A few of the services that CEDAM offers are online, and in order to make it easier for members to access and manage their directory, I was tasked with designing a document with all of the necessary steps to help them get their member profiles started.

Keeping with the organization's style guide, I used all the necessary fonts and colors, and I included a photo of townhouses from our photo library to reflect the work the CEDAM does with housing associations across the state.